Anonymous: How do you get ready for a concert? I'm going to my first one soon and am nervous

I’m going to one tonight so I’ll run though what I’ve done today: I was rudely awoken by a phone call from my best friend who is driving later at like 8:45. Stayed in bed a bit longer. Rolled over onto the floor. Finally dragged myself to the bathroom. Pissed. Washed my face. Dragged myself back up stairs. Picked clothes up that smelt okay off the floor. Put said clothes on. Put my face on while listening to the Hobbit soundtrack. Was called down stairs by Mamma D to finally watch the Salem season finale. Slunk back to my room but grabbed a cosmic brownie first. Watched YouTube videos. Now I’m sprawled on my bed trying to sleep because that’s what I like to do before these shows. But I’m also waiting until Mamma D tells me that lunch is ready.

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